There are a lot of things that make me, well, ME! So I wanted to take a moment to write them down and maybe explain a few of them to you.

Fluffy Pants

My name! When I was little Mom thought my BUTT was the cutest thing and I was like IT’S MY BUTT! And she just started calling my backside and backs of my legs Fluffy Pants. Because it looks like I’m wearing Fluffy Pants!


Fluffy Pants Friday (aka Frankie Friday)

About 494,729,873 years ago, Momma and I were scrolling Facebook and came across a few Pomeranian groups, and they did a “Fluffy Butt” Friday. But I knew we had to put our own spin on it and decided to make every Friday into Fluffy Pants Friday. So kind of like Fluffy Butt, but BETTER!!! And every Friday Momma always tries to catch my pants and I give her a run for her money!

See? Looks like I’m wearing pants!
I will admit, I do have the cutest pants in the WORLD. Because why else would Momma try and catch them every day!!

Catching My Pants

Not literally catching my pants, butt getting a picture of my fluffy pants. See what I did there? BUTT. LOL.

I try my hardest to hide my pants from Momma because I need her to work for the pic! I cant make it easy for her! It’s a game between us. She is always trying to catch a picture of my adorably handsome fluffy pants and I am always trying to hide them from her! Between you and me, I may act like I don’t want her to catch my pants, but secretly I love it when she does! And I have even gotten other friends to get their pants caught. Our Mommas and Daddas are always trying to catch our pants!

I use blankies to hide my pants
Can’t even get a drink without her trying to catch my pants
Once I used the bed to hide my pants. Mom is a pants ninja!!

I’m a dog, I can’t count

This one should be pretty simple. I’m dog (pronounced DAWG), and it would be silly if I could count. I didn’t go to school, not even obedience school, so how would I know how to count? I am very smart, though. When Momma brings out her phone, I strike the cutest most adorable pose I can think of because I know that my posts make people smile, and that is my mission in life! But since I can’t count, I couldn’t tell you how many people LOVE ME, other than a WOOF ton. And I love every person who loves me!

We’re dogs, we can’t count. But you can count on us to be SUPER cute!!
You think I can count? I laugh at that. I’m a dog!!

Big Bad Pomeranian

That’s what me and my friends are! And I don’t discriminate what kind of dog animal you are; even humans can be a Big Bad Pomeranian. It’s a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle. But being a Pomeranian helps because by birth you are automatically a Big Bad Pomeranian.

I take on pit bulls for fun and WIN
“Don’t mess with me! My little brother is a big bad POMERANIAN!!!” says Mille
I’m such a big bad Pomeranian I have to be locked up sometimes!!

The Siren

They call me “The Siren.” Who is… They? I’m sorry, that’s classified.

It is one of my missions in life to make sure Momma and my home are protected at all costs. I do an hourly patrol of my house and backyard. Yes, I know I can’t tell time, but I do the patrol when I have to go pee so it works out! And when I find danger, like a dog walking on the other side of the street, or anyone walking near my house, I bark my pants off to let Mille and Linc know there is “danger apaw” (like danger afoot but with a paw, get it?) and then I run behind them!! They call me The Siren because I alert them of danger! And then I hide.

I hear Steve the Squirrel in the back yard!! Mille go get him!!!
Since I’m tiny, I sometimes have to use help to be able to see out. So I use the TV tray table to see outside
Linc get ready!! I smell the mail man 3,405 blocks away!!

Protect Momma at ALL costs

She’s My Momma and I have to protect her with my whole 8.1 LBS!! Who else is going to do it? Dada? Mille and Linc? Yes, they are Big Bad Pomeranian’s in training but they wouldn’t hurt a fly! I mean Mille is a pit bull but doesn’t know that some people fear pit bulls. She just knows shes a pretty princess. And Linc, that’s just funny! He is afraid of his own shadow, but his bark… it’s almost as powerful as MINE!

Protecting Momma while she works
This is how I protect Mom when I’m super sleepy… I make her hold my paw so I know where she is at all times
Sitting outside, the best way to protect her is to sit ON HER

Steve the Squirrel

Point of clarification: All squirrels are “Steve.” They are shady little creatures. I mean you can’t trust something that can run on a power line without falling off! It’s impossible! I’ve tried (just kidding).

And Steve is always in my backyard staring at me just out of paw’s reach! What is he trying to do! He also runs on the top of the fence, stops midway and glares at me like he knows something I don’t!

Using the grass to hide so I can pounce on Steve if he sets a paw in MY yard
Checking the fence top to see if Steve has been here
Went under the deck to get cob webs so when Steve comes I can scare him off. WORKED!!

Being Cute, it’s in my DNA

I was born with extra special DNA. It’s called FSFP DNA and in that DNA it was coded for me to be super cute and extremely adorable so I could make as many people smile and happy as possible. I can’t control it, it was decided before I was even a little glimmer in my birth parents eyes. I use my special FSFP DNA to make as many people smile as I can because then they’ll be smiling! There is too much negativity and WOOF in the world, who doesn’t need a smile now and then? So Frankie Sir Fluffy Pants AKA Pomeranian DNA was created for that reason. Facts.

Momma takes out her phone and I don’t even have to get myself ready, it just pours out of me.
I can’t turn my cuteness off, it’s kind of my thing
I’m so cute, sometimes I have to disguise myself from the puparazzi

I’m not upside down, you are!

My favorite way to protect Momma is to lay in her lap so I can have an eye on her at ALL times. And what better way to do that than lay on her so she can’t get up and I can protect her. And when I’m super cute and about to fall asleep she takes my pic and I tell her “I’m not upside down! You are!!”

Super POM!!
Im not upside down…
You are!!


My favorite food in the whole entire world is??? You guessed it, POPCORN! I love popcorn so much that when anyone even brings up popcorn my ears go up. We call that Popcorn Ears! I even have a trick with popcorn. Mom shows me a treat and I won’t take it until she says POPCORN! She even tries to trick me by saying words that sound or rhyme with popcorn. Like corn nuts, Pop nuts, corn pops, pup corn, you get the idea, and I wont take the popcorn or treat until I hear her say my favorite word “popcorn” Fun fact, did you know that Momma’s favorite food is also popcorn?

Can’t look away or it wont get in my belly
ALL MINE!! Ok, I’ll share a few
Talk to the PAW, this popcorn is MINE


Anything and everything that is edible and I am able to put in my Bille Belly is considered NUMMIES. Anything Momma is eating and I get to test for her is MY nummies. Anything I find on the ground that Dad dropped while cooking, MY nummies! Do you get it yet? Any food that goes in my belly or could potentially go in my belly is MY NUMMIES!!

Momma even lets me have nummies in bed
Use my tail to cover my pants while I eat my nummies
Starbucks Pup Cup NUMMY

On it, Mom

When Mom kisses me in the morning she always asks me, “Peanut, I need you to be super cute and adorable until I get home, can you do it?” my response, paws down “ON IT, Mom, I’ll do it!” Or whenever she asks me to do something, like be cute or protect her, my response is always “On it!”

Momma told me to protect the house and I jumped up and did a quick security walk
Momma told mom to be cute and adorable while she’s at work. I told her DUH ON IT!!
Cuddles before Momma goes to work

That’s My Jam

Everyday when Momma leaves for work, she gives me like 1048753h48957 kisses and this is our ritual:

“Peanut, I need you to be SUPER cute and EXTREMELY adorable, all day, until I get home!” I always say “On it, Mom!” and then she says “And I need to you protect this house and Dad like a Big Bad Pomeranian” you know my response, “That’s My JAAAAAM!!! I’m on that *WOOF* (insert an adult word that also means POOP!!) And then Momma kisses me another 40958p409538 times and goes to work.

Momma left for work work so now I nap nap and be cute all day.
This is me protecting Dad. He’s somewhere over there so I use his pillow to be super comfy.

Minna Shaved My Butt!

My favorite groomer in the Fox Valley in Wisconsin is called Minna, and she is the only person, besides Momma, that I let touch my pants! I trust her to make me super handsome. When I get a summer cut my fluffy pants become more like fuzzy yoga pants and to get them that way, Minna has to shave my butt! So I always joke to Momma that Minna shaved my butt, and now my pants look sooo cool and I get to prance around like I’m the dawg!!

Minna always makes me super cute and extremely handsome!
Me and Minna, she’s my favorite
That one time Mom tried to give me a shower, she thought she was so funny! I did not.
Love going to McLovin’s
Minna sometimes puts bandanas on me!

I love my mom, because she’s My Mom, and I love my Mom

I chose Momma to be my Mom and I love her so much. She is the bestest Mom in the world because she LOVES me more than anything in her world. I tell her almost every day that I love her because she’s my Mom.

Momma needs Frankie cuddles
Momma is my number 1 priority so while she gets ready I make sure I’m there in case she needs me.
We don’t just cuddle all day. We also play and have fun!

I am my Momma’s baby!

Momma wants to be a Mom so super bad, just like me being super cute is in my DNA, I think it’s in her DNA to be the best mom a little human could wish for! For awhile now Mom and Dad have not been able to have a little human (naturally) so I knew I had to get my pants in her life and make her smile and be her baby until a little human was ready to have her as their Mom. But don’t worry, once a baby chooses them I will take on the protection detail I already give to Momma.

Momma’s kisses make everything better
My mom and me… she’s kind of a big deal
Mom no kisses in front of my friends.. Okay maybe a few more!

I’m Cute and I’m Little, but I’m not Little Cute, I’m Big Cute!

This one is self explanatory. I am super cute because it’s in my FSFP DNA (Pomeranian and all). I am super little at 8.1 lbs. But I am NOT little cute, I am super big cute!! Because again, I’m a Pomeranian and it’s in my DNA to be super cute and adorable. I can’t turn it off!!

I’m little, but BIG CUTE
I’m so little, I fit in the computer bag
I’m so little, I’m on a full size rug LOL
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