You Love Me! You Really Love Me!

As you all know, I am Momma’s baby. But I am also trying with everything in my little paws to help Momma and Dada get adopted by a human baby. Momma and I have worked hard making Frankie Swag and all the proceeds go towards our adoption fund.

One day while snuggled on Momma’s lap, we were scrolling through Facebook and came across a post by America’s Favorite Pet, and it was about a contest to find America’s Favorite Pet! We both looked at each other and said in unison “bark bark woof grr bark” … oh wait, you don’t speak dog. Okay so I’ll tell you what we said: “We need to enter and WIN this contest!!”

When Momma got up to get me nummies, I stole (I mean borrowed) her phone and started looking for my most adorable pictures. And I think I chose the best one to get my adorableness. We decided to enter and see what would happen.

black pomeranian with elephant squeak toy
black pomeranian laying on his back
black pomeranian close-up

Well I don’t have to tell you what happened. My friends did the dog thing!!! You amazing pups and your humans have come out and helped keep me in FIRST place through like 4 rounds, or maybe it was 89 rounds. I don’t know, I’m a dog, I can’t count! Anyway, all my awesome friends just made this boy top 5 in my group and if I stay and win FIRST, I advance to the quarterfinals!

OK so Let me tell you why I decided to enter this contest. Not only do I want the bragging rights to say I am America’s Favorite Pet, but the grand prize is like a million bucks! Or maybe it’s $10,000. Again, I’m a dog, I can’t count! That money will fast track our dream of getting adopted by a little human. The only thing holding us back is $$$$$ and this will make a HUGE difference!

And have I told you lately how much I love my mom? Because she’s My Mom and I love My Mom! Because she’s MY Mom!! She (and Dada) have raised 3 unruly but amazingly cute, handsome and pretty and amazingly adorable furkids so I know for a fact that they will kick pants at being parents to a little human.

See what i did there… Pants! Pants instead of butt! I’m not only cute, I’m funny, too!

Follow this link to vote for me. Once the quarterfinals start, we need all paws on deck!

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