Every Superhero has an Origin Story: This is Mine!

I’m not only super adorable, ruggedly handsome, and a big bad pomeranian… I’m also a rescue pup!

This is my story!

Let’s start from the beginning. For the first year and a few months I was living with a family that got me as a puppy. When the lady of the house (I can’t remember her name, but it wasn’t mama) got pregnant, they decided they didn’t want 2 Pomeranians, so I got to go live at Chances Animal Rescue. I was only there for a few weeks, or maybe it was 19 years?! I don’t know, I’m a dog, I can’t tell time!

Then Dada Found Me

One day Dada was scrolling through Facebook and came across Chances Animal Rescue’s Facebook page and saw a super cute and adorable 5 pound dog. Oh and I have to mention it was (and still is!) exactly the kind of dog momma had been dreaming of for like EVER!! So the adorable tiny dog was named Fernando (that was ME). When Dada saw me he immediately sent a pic to Momma and her response was short and sweet.

“I WANT!!”

man holding pomeranian
Can’t remember this guy’s name, but it’s not Dada

First Contact

On a typical mundane Monday I was doing what I do best, walking around the lobby, greeting all the people looking to get adopted by some amazing dogs and cats. A tall guy came in and asked to take ME for a walk, and when I heard my name being called my ears perked up! I made sure I was on my game.

After a fun walk around the block, I thought he was such a cool guy! And let me tell you, I met a ton of people the few weeks I lived at Chances. On our walk he kept telling me about a lady he called Becky, and said she was going to FREAK when she comes to meet me!! I smiled up at him and knew he was hooked. Now to hook the lady he was talking about. Heck, you all know me, so you can imagine how quickly she fell pants over paws in love with me the moment she met me.

He kept telling me how cute and what a good boy I was, and I was like “um duh!! I’m adorable and the best boy you will ever know because I’m a big bad Pomeranian!” I knew I had to play it cool, so I smiled up at him to make sure he would report back to Becky and let her know how extremely adorable I was!! He told me he would be back the next day!!

black pomeranian laying on floor
I was still working on my splooting!

Then I Met Momma

After he left, I went back to my post at the front desk, and I was on cloud nine. And OMG the next day he came back!! And I immediately knew the pretty lady with him had to be the lady he was telling me about. I looked up at her and when our eyes met, I knew immediately I needed to have her be my Momma. So I pulled out all the stops, jumped up in her lap and cuddled up in her arms, let her give me kisses and belly scratches. When I saw the biggest smile I have ever seen on a person, I knew she was my Momma!

One last thing the rescue had to do before I could go home and protect Momma… I had to meet their current dog, Mille, to make sure we would be good together!

pomeranian and pit bull
Such a gentle pibble!

Hey Big Sis!

So a few days later they came back! I got to meet my new big sister, Mille, a beautiful pretty pitty princess. I think they were worried that she being a pit bull and me being a Pomeranian, she might be afraid of me. Well… you know… me being a big BAD Pomeranian and all! But she wasn’t! (Ok maybe it was the other way around, her being 65 pounds to my 5 pounds, but we will never know).

Chances staff saw how well Mille and I were when we met and said I could go home that day! Normally it would take over a week, but they didn’t even have to do anything extra like check into Momma and Dada because Mille was a Chances alumni!!

I got to go home that day! But first they stopped at A&W for a pup sundae!

disheveled pomeranian eating pup sundae

They Got Me and I Got Them

Since my amazing gotcha day, I have never let Momma out of my sight! It is my life’s mission to make sure she is protected from every danger under the sun. From falling leaves, squirrels running the power lines, bags blowing past, mailmen walking up to MY HOUSE, UPS trucks from a mile away, Linc trying to give momma kisses, dogs walking their humans a block away and especially the wind blowing. I take my job super seriously! I will even take a bit of every piece of food she is about to eat.

And momma is always trying to catch my Fluffy Pants. I mean come on! After all the things I do for her! She still has to try and catch my pants! Shhhh don’t tell her, but I sometimes makes it easy for her to catch my pants even when I give her a hard time when she does! But that’s our little secret.

black pomeranian with fluffy pants
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