My Sister is Better Than Yours!

Did you know I have a big sister named Mille and a little brother named Linc? This post is going to be all about my favorite big sister.

Introducing: Princess Millicent

When Mille was about 6 months old, she was picked up by our local police department because she was running the streets of our home town in Wisconsin. Her real birthday is unknown. Momma and Dada decided to give their wedding anniversary date for her to use as her birthday! How cool is that?

Just like me, she has many names. Her full name is Princess Millicent Bille, but we call her Mille. She is the sweetest, kindest, prettiest pitty princess you’ll ever meet!

Did you know 5,000% of people spell her name wrong? Almost everyone puts an extra “i” at the end of her name, like “Millie.” Her name is actually spelled:


It’s the same way we spell our last name, with a strong “e” (that’s what Dada always says). But Mille doesn’t care how you spell it if you give her nummies!

Mille’s Superhero Origin Story

One summer day in 2012 Dad was scrolling through Facebook and came across the cutest little 35 lbs black dog named Sally living at a local animal rescue, Chances Animal Rescue. Does this sound familiar? It’s the same way Dad found me!!! He showed the pic to Momma and a few days later they went to Chances to meet Sally.

The moment Dad met her he was head over paws in love with her! Momma was a little more hesitant, worried people would judge them for wanting a pit bull as a pet.

You know, the stigma of the “vicious” pit bull.

black pit bull dog on leash
Mille at Chances Animal Rescue
black dog on her back with paw up
Look at this vicious goofball
black pit bull dog running
Meep! Meep!

Bully Myths

  • They say pit bulls have something called lockjaw; once they latch onto something or someone, they won’t let go. FALSE. One time, Mille and Linc (not a pit bull) both went for a bacon wrapper at the same time and had a little spat. Because BACON! Can you blame them? Dada and Momma had to pull them apart. Guess which one let go when Mom screamed “STOP! LET GO!!” Yep, it was Mille the pit bull!
  • They say pit bulls have a taste for blood… muahahaha! FALSE. Mille has a taste for anything Momma or Dada is eating, or whatever they feed her, or whatever she finds on the floor or on the countertop or in the garbage can. And when she’s out of those options, she’ll take a shot at whatever grass or weeds are growing.
  • They say pit bulls will eat your face off. FALSE. Mille will kiss your face off! No, seriously, especially if you’re sweating.
  • They say pit bulls are vicious animals. HAHAHA FALSE. The only vicious thing about her is her pit bull toots. Dada says we could power the house with her gas!

Once they got to know her and how amazing she was, they wanted to do one more thing to make sure. So she got to meet our cousin Maddie (at the shelter, fully supervised). Maddie was 5 at the time, and when Mille met her, she was so gentle and loving that any doubts washed away! From that moment, Momma knew Mille was going to be theirs!

black dog begging for food
This is how Mille asks for people nummies
black dog with sour cream on her face
You have to be careful, cause sometimes if you don’t give her the nummies, she still finds a way!
black dog sleeping with face squished into front paws
Sleepy Puppy finally not hungry


Mille would eat all day if given the chance. Except, for some reason, when Momma feeds her dog food.

Dada usually feeds us cause Mom leaves at the undogly hour of 6:00 AM and doesn’t get home until 5:00 PM. But on the weekends, Momma feeds us at 8:00 AM cause Dad is sleeping. Mille will walk behind Mom as she puts the food in our bowls, making sure the food is going to get put in her bowl.

But then she crawls back into bed by Dada and won’t touch her food until Dada gets up and shows her it’s there. What a Dada’s Girl!

When anyone gets up for any reason, she will follow them hoping they are going to get nummies. Momma gets up from watching TV to get some water and Momma will turn around and BAM! Mille is behind her drooling. Momma goes to the fridge and when she shuts the door BAM! Mille is right there. If you think Momma is a Pants Ninja trying to catch my pants, Mille is a Food Ninja… silent but ready!

Mille knows Dada won’t feed her human food, so she doesn’t even try to use her big brown puppy dog eyes on him when Momma is home. She’ll give Dada a shot when Momma’s gone, but it doesn’t work much. She knows if Momma’s home and has food, she can bust out her pretty pitty princess charm and it always works.

big and little dog laying in dogs beds opposite their size
We all know who runs this house
back side of black pit bull next to smiling black pomeranian
HA! I tricked Mille and Momma caught her pants!
black pit bull dog playing outside on grass
Mille will be back in a bit… she’s got the ZOOMIES!

Besties 4 Life

My absolute favorite thing about Mille is how big her heart is! Just like me, she protects the ones she loves. She wouldn’t hurt a fly (if a fly was by her, she would try to play with it), but if there’s danger, I want her in my corner! Mom and Dad call me The Siren because my job is to alert Mille and Linc that there’s danger, like wind, the mailman, a leaf, a shadow, other dogs walking by our house, our neighbor’s dogs on the other side of the fence, and Steve the Sneaky Squirrel.

My big sis gets confused and a little sad when people say they are scared of her because she’s a pit bull. Sometimes when she hears that, she looks at me and says “What’s a pit bull? I’m just Mille!”

So next time you see a pit bull, be careful! It might kiss your face off! But don’t be scared. My big sis is just like me, a loving, cuddly Big Bad POMERANIAN.

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