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A Name Makes the Pomeranian

pomeranian standing by garden

Did you know my full name is Franklin Sir Fluffy Pants Bille of Wisconsin? But you can call me Frankie! So many people pronounce and spell my last name wrong… it’s pronounced like Billy but spelled B i L L E, see there is no extra i. If you spell it that way, it’s OK I still love you! Fun fact, that’s how my sister got the spelling of her name. It rhymed with Bille so Momma and Dada decided to spell it the same as our last name!! How cool is that!?! But I’ll get more into my sibling’s names later on in the blog post.

Sometimes Dada calls me goofball!

Back to me. While we were driving home the day I rescued Momma, we were trying to figure out what my new name should be. My new life was just a paws length away, so why not start this new adventure with a new name?!

While we drove home from the rescue, we were barking out names, trying to come up with something that would be as big and strong as my personality, you know, me the big bad pomeranian needed a name to fit that big bad pomeranian persona. My previous family got me from a breeder, my birth name was Tuxedo. I think they may have called me Tux for short, but that was so long ago I don’t really remember.

I was super cute, even as a little boy! Check out my white stripe!

The few weeks I was living at Chances Animal Rescue they tried calling me Fernando. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the name never really fit me, but who was I to tell them that? I knew there were more important things I needed to do, like protect the rescue while I was their guard dog, and find my momma and rescue her! So when I got adopted, wait, no, I mean then I adopted Momma! We were driving to my forever home and decided to spitball ideas for my new name.

Momma just met me and told me I was going to be the most spoiled boy in the world! Fun fact, the first time I met the Vet, he told Momma, “Don’t forget he has legs” And 9 years later I am still carried more than I walk. #SPOILED

Driving down the main drag in Appleton, Wisconsin we were all calling out name suggestions while we passed local businesses, street names and other cool dawg things we saw. Momma started out by saying anything and everything that has to do with her lifelong love of the Chicago Cubs. Cub, Cubbie, Cubbie Bear, Wrigley, Addison, Clark, if you aren’t a Cub fan, HOW COULD YOU NOT BE!! But if you aren’t, Addison and Clark is the famous corner where Wrigley Field sits. Dad wasn’t sure he could bring himself to calling me something like that cause he’s a Brewers fan! He says he loves momma even though he doesn’t understand her love of one of the biggest rivalries for his team. But that’s another story =) Momma really wanted my name to be something Cubs-related, but in the end we all knew it just didn’t fit me.

Cubbie may not have become my name, but I could soooo be their mascot!!

Dad’s turn to call out names. We drove past a bunch of streets and businesses with historical and Presidential names. Theodore, Frederick (fun fact, after I was named Frankie, Momma kept getting screwed up and calling me Freddie! The first post she did on her Facebook she called me Freddie and Dad had to tell her to FIX IT!! But that’s okay, I laughed and said Momma you’re just being a Sille Bille) Wilson, Hamilton, Washington, Lincoln (but we all knew that would be for another dog) Kennedy, Edison, Benjamin, Jackson, but that was also a no go, since that will be the name of the little human boy that will adopt Momma and Dada.

Is my tie on straight?

Half way home we passed a pizza place Dad liked called Frank’s Pizza Palace, we all stopped talking, looked at each other and said in unison… FRANKIE! And my name was settled.

Frank’s Pizza Palace in Appleton, Wisconsin

OK so maybe you may be wondering how I got the name Fluffy Pants. Well, it’s pretty simple. While I was standing guard protecting Momma, my back was to her, and apparently she thought that my “backside” looked like *ahem* Fluffy Pants. She turned to Dada and said “OMG look! It looks like he’s wearing fluffy pants! I think his full name should be Frankie SIR FLUFFY PANTS” and I turned around and said “what the Fluffing Woof did you just call me!!!” I tried to protest, but it stuck, and from that moment she has been trying to catch my pants! My FLUFFY PANTS!

Can you see it? The Fluffy Pants? I cant!! And I don’t get the whole hype of my pants! but it makes Momma happy so I humor her!

Momma is apart of 1940583458734 Pomeranian groups and on Friday’s they do “fluffy butt” Fridays but Me and Momma never totally liked the BUTT part so we decided to try and make it something our own so we did Fluffy Pants Friday because why not!!! And from then on Momma tries her hardest to catch my pants but I give her a run for her money!! Want to know a little secrete?? I may grumble and be a grumble bug and tell her NOT TO CATCH MY PANTS but I secretly want her to catch my pants because I know it makes her and all my friends smile! Im a good boy like that!

So that’s the story of how I got my name. Did you know I have over 1,294,58,045,784 nicknames??? Well I do! Let me try and think of all of them. The one I respond to almost as much as Frankie is Peanut. Momma says it’s because I’m little and maybe a bit nutty =) Other names Momma has called me over the years… Peanut Butter Cup, Butter Cup, Frank, Frank Bank, Frankie Bankie, Frankie Bankie Billllllle, Franklin Banklin, Franker Banker. Apparently Momma has a thing for rhyming… I mean come on, they started with Chille Bille (hamster) and a Mille Bille. When a baby girl adopts Momma and Dad they really want to name that lucky little girl, Lily Bille! See what I mean?!?

OK where was I… Let’s see… Fluffy Pants, Fluff, Fluffer, Fluffernutter, Love bug, lover bugger, bear, baby bear, bug, love bug, bug a boo, baby boy, boy blue, baby boy blue. I could go on for days!! But let’s move on to Mille and Linc.

See, I’m super little! Little like a peanut. Wait a minute!! I mean I’m big!! A big bad POMERANIAN!!!!

Mille and Linc have stories, too! Here is Mille’s. Momma has always wanted to name a daughter Lily. A few people giggled when they heard the name but momma didn’t care cause she knew it would be a great name for an amazing kid. To get people used to the idea of a rhyming name, they named their hamster Chille Bille. Fun fact, did you know Chille had the same markings that I have? Gray with a dark stripe down his back!! And we were both Momma’s boys… He helped Momma when she was recovering from major back surgery. He was the only thing that would make her forget she was in severe pain and make her smile. A simple little”nosey” from her Chille Bille would make her smile. And to this day I can lick (my way of giving kisses) Momma’s nose and takes away all her pain, worries or stress.

Here is Chille Bille. He even LOVED popcorn like I do!!

I took over from him to protect and make momma smile. Whenever she has back pain I can tell and I will NOT leave her side. I will snuggle her until the pain goes away! Okay back to Mille. Dada said “We will have a Lily Bille so why not start with a Mille Bille” and the name stuck! Plus the TV show they were watching at the time had a character named Milly and they loved the name.

Me and Mille being Sille Billes!

Mille’s nicknames. Her full name is Millicent. But if you want to get technical, it’s Princess Millicent. She is a pit bull and the princess of the house. But we call her Mille. Mille Bille, Mill, Mill Bill, baby girl, baby girrrrl, and I hate to admit but… Fatty. Fatty Boombalatty. What! She likes to eat! I mean she LOVES TO EAT! She tells Momma, Dad didn’t feed us. When Momma most definitely knows he did, or vice versa!! She will eat every minute of the day if you let her! Momma gets up to get a drink and turns around and bam! Like a ninja… Mille is there! She says you can call her whatever you would like, just don’t call her late for nummies!!

She still plays like a puppy!

Linc. His full name is Lincoln. We like to call him Linc Is Weird, because he’s a weirdo! It’s not an insult, it’s a badge of honor! He was named Lincoln from Prison Break, Momma’s favorite show at the time. But a little bit ago she saw a Pomeranian named Linkin Pawk and was like WHAT we should have named him Linkin Bark! Linkin Park has been Momma’s favorite band since 2000 and Hybrid Theory hit the airwaves. Linc, Linc Bink, Lincoln Binkin, Linker Binker, Binker, Linc Stink, Stinker Binker.

What a handsome man!

So that is the story of our names and nicknames! What is your nickname? Let us know in the comments below!

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